Leighgrove Olives is a boutique olive grove, totally family owned and operated by the White family. Grant and Yvonne White invite you to visit their olive grove and Farmgate Olive Shop in the delightful township of Inverleigh, just 26km west of Geelong. Located on a picturesque stretch of the Barwon River, the 4500 tree olive grove is producing extra virgin olive oil of the finest quality. The cool climate conditions with a long, slow ripening period, together with the rich pastoral soils, results in oil of particularly deep, full-flavoured characteristics.

With more than ten different olive tree varieties originating from Tuscany, Greece and Spain, the range of flavours and styles of oil makes each season’s harvest an exciting time at Leighgrove. Some are very fruity, whilst others are quite peppery and robust, each with its own character. In

a true boutique way, our aim is to offer the finest quality we can achieve in a choice of styles to suit both differing tastes and culinary uses – to compliment all your cooking. We are not bound by big supermarket demands for exactly the same taste every year – indeed the annual variations in temperatures, rainfall and quantities of fruit harvested are a welcome addition to the exclusive nature of our oil.

The well-documented health benefits obtained by incorporating extra virgin olive oil into your daily diet is reason enough to insist on the best available product. Being a no-cholesterol monounsaturated fat, it contains the ‘good fats’ which in turn fight the ‘bad fats’. The high level of Polyphenols are antioxidants which enhance the activity of the immune system. To ensure the retention of these, our olives are grown in accordance with modern, environmentally responsible practices, harvested at peak condition and processed quickly under modern hygienic conditions. This attention to quality is what makes the difference to the final product – another reason to look for small, boutique grown oil where the grower knows the trees and the product intimately, and is not constrained by the demands of large-scale mass production, where uniqueness of product is so often lost.

Be aware that lower grades of olive oil, usually imported, often labelled as ‘pure’ or ‘light’, have been refined by treatment with heat or solvents. They are sometimes even ‘mis-labelled’ as extra virgin olive oil. They are not the same as top quality extra virgin olive oil, with regard to both flavour and all the healthy nutrients.


Immerse yourself in the ‘olive experience’- join us at Leighrove Olives where you can stroll through the olive grove, taste our superb oils and talk with the growers about nature’s finest gift – the olive tree. Browse through our unique range of quality products. We can help you create the perfect gift basket – fine food, skin care and more. No matter where you live, you can also enjoy the pleasure of ordering and receiving our products by mail order – just click on the Products Gallery and Order Form pages to make your choices, or contact us for further information.


Try our delicious HOME-CURED MANZANILLO or KALAMATA OLIVES, SICILIAN OLIVE RELISH, OLIVE SALT and DUKKAH for sensational additions to your table or picnic. They are all made by us here at Leighgrove Olives.


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